Gato Marino

A Clockwork Poster

Movie posters.

This is my proposal for A Clockwork Orange film poster. Making minimalist posters is quite mainstream in the design business, and for a reason: it works terrifically. It delivers a direct message, and has a powerful simple image: perfect recipe for a good poster.

For this one I tried two different paths:

The first one is more subtle. You have to have watched the movie to understand the reference, and thus creates a bit of a mystery. Even so, once you know the story this reference is quite clear. So, apart from that, I added the ripped cassette film to suggest something not being right and distress. This feeling becomes even stronger with the bold crooked font.

For the second one, I chose a very obvious solution from the title: the orange and the bomb. Sometimes I like these direct images, even though it doesn’t really make much sense with the movie (where we never get to see an orange at all, of course!) because you can get these funny connections you wouldn’t think of otherwise. It still gives a distress message, and still creates a mystery.

For the style, I obviously went for the minimalist look with a strong forward font (Arial Black) and powerful colours. But also wanted to keep a bit of an organic feel. That’s why I did those strong rough lines and gave it a sense of something screen printed.