Cris Martín

Flying Manatee

Corporative design

The feeling of a place is determined by all the elements you find in it. That’s why corporative design is so important for a company, whichever it might be.

The Flying Manatee looked for an informal and cozy environment, wanting to be a place where you could get good food without the pressure of being in a posh restaurant. Something similar to a pub, but specialised in seafood.

Brown and blue make perfect friends if combined wisely, and are a great way to put the warmth of the place plus the feeling of the sea all together.

Then, the name of the restaurant made it very easy to find a good logo: a happy, chubby, satisfied manatee. I have to admit this was my favourite part of the process.

The rest of it came together step by step: hand drawn font, a very organic one for the menu, the little fish swimming around. It’s very nice when you define the foundations of the main design, and the other elements keep coming and taking their places.