Cris Martín


Personal projects.

I love classics, just as probably many people now. That´s why, when I started studying animation, I quickly got interested in the frame by frame technique.

While I was working on the Smart Zoociety project, all those characters were being developed, and I just wanted to do so many things with them. So I took Bruno, put him to study, and let him flow. It all just came together.

I was actually taught to do 2D animation with TVPaint, which was OK, but not the best software to work with. So I decided to learn to use Adobe Animate CC (known before as Adobe Flash), which turned out to be better in many ways.

Then, I made a Christmas one. He’s just so much fun to animate!

This one is more simple because I wanted to make a quick try of Photoshop animation. It was a great chance to economize time and resources (it was made through an evening), and the result was still quite good.