Cris Martín

The baron in the trees

Book cover: Illustration & Design.

The main character of the book, Cosimo Piovasco, starts out as a 12-year-old boy, a baron from a very rich Italian family. One day, he decides he doesn’t want this life anymore, so he climbs a tree. And he never steps on ground again.



Although it’s a definitely adult book, the voice and the story has a certain reminiscence of childhood. Cosimo’s personality and his surroundings (those wonderful fields, the importance of nature and the village) did remind me to Tom Sawyer’s stories. So I decided to go for that feeling. I think the palette also has that kind of vintage look.

Here’s the whole thing. I conceived it as a hardback book with a small biography of Italo Calvino, the author.

I made this kind of design thinking it would become a book that you give as a gift, something special.