Cris Martín

Little People

Covers for “Little People, Big Dreams” collection. Personal work.

These are not works I was commissioned to do, but I just couldn’t resist doing them! We’ve all seen and love the collection Little People, Big Dreams. These books are total best-sellers in all bookshops and highlight all sorts of incredible people that made a difference in our world. I just wanted to tribute a couple of amazing women in this style.

In the first one, it’s Angela Davis, political activist, author, professor and philosopher. Absolutely brilliant. She’s fought for Black people’s and women’s rights for years.



Here you can see Gerda Taro. A Google Doodle reminded me of the birthday of this remarkable woman, one of the main photographers during the Spanish Civil War. She died doing what she loved, and her work has been hugely valued as historical documents.



The next one is for the one and only Janis Joplin. It felt quite special, because she lived a very intense life, that has nothing to do with this innocent, totally childish style. But I think it still makes sense because when you look at her pictures, the first thing you see is her open, purely beautiful smile. It’s her smile what captivated me the first time I heard about her, and what motivated this little piece. I also love her music, of course!