Cris Martín

Smart Zoociety

T-shirt design.

For once, I decided to try a more hipster style, so I made t-shirt designs of animals with glasses who told you to be smart and read books. It all started as a personal project, because I had just finished my degree, and had no job yet. But it got bigger and bigger, and became my own brand of t-shirts called Smart Zoociety. They were sold in the shop Intrusa, in Seville, all summer long. There are 4 designs, one of each character: Rulfo the cat, Bruno the deer, Lidia the squirrel and Evaristo the bat. Then I made two more, the snob ones: Mr Rabbit and Mrs Armin, who told you to be rich instead of smart.

They were intended to be screen printed in two colors, so the design was kept simple.

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