Cris Martín

Zal and the Phoenix

Special Limited Edition Picture Book

I was the designer and one of the illustrators (alongside with Annabel Sebag-Montefiore) in this absolutely beautiful project. It’s an adaptation of the beloved Iranian classic tale from the Shahnameh. 

This was self-published just in December 2020 as a Limited Special Edition (only 200 copies!), but the plan is to publish it at a more standard price so it can be in more homes. It will come with an audiobook CD with lovely incidental music.

This has been one of my most intense projects, as we were always on a very tight deadline and I was in charge of so many things! But after all, seeing how great it turned out, it was totally worth it. One of my main tasks was to build and design the online shop where it is sold, in which you can learn a bit more about the project.